Quick tips for new med-surg nurses

1. As a med-surg nurse, you will be giving lots of IV furosemide. Remember it must be pushed s-l-o-w-l-y, like over 2 minutes. Why? Ototoxicity.

2. Physicians like numbers and hard data. When you call them, get to the point quickly and provide hard data and numbers.

3. Always use your medication scanner. No exceptions. Distractions galore happen, and you are only human I suspect. 🙂 The scanner will help prevent catastrophic mistakes. Use it.

4. Don’t waste time. When you get to work, get busy doing your job. No loafing around (unless you like leaving late at the end of your shift. But even if you are one of the rare souls that does like leaving late, your manager won’t like the overtime). Show up to work and get busy. Med-surg is extremely fast-paced and if you loaf you are going to fall severely behind.