Installment #1 – Medical Vocabulary To Impress Your Classmates 🤣

1) Micturition – A very fancy way of saying urination. Nobody actually uses this word, but I have a lot of fun throwing it around from time to time. 😂

2) Volar Aspect – Refers to the palm side. For instance, the volar aspect of the hand would be the palm. The volar aspect of the wrist would be the palm side of the wrist, etc. This one will make you look KEEN ‘N MEAN.

3) Morsicatio buccarum – This is a real fun one to toss around & watch their expression (🤯). If you notice your patient repetitively biting their cheek, inform the doc your patient is engaging in morsicatio buccarum. Even the doc may have to look this one up!

Have fun with these.


Beau Salts